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Developer Tools?

Post by yl_ksa » Tue May 19, 2009 1:14 pm

Hy Dave how r u doing? i was wondering do u guys have any support for developers? cuz am starting a ll nice application on facebook but the thing is, the users enter their blu-rays info manually...and am trying to implement a way where they cud just type in the movie title then the rest of the info will be added on automatically...

and of course there is no better website that has a huge database of bluray other than ur site...of course all i will be needing is grabbing info from ur databse, no additons or anything meknow what u think...

and here is the app on facebook, give it a visit if u'd like

oh ya one more thing, i have an empty home page, and i was thinking of posting some news on it, so if i added some new from ur site and i was linking to ur site of course, is there anything wrong with that?

thx alot

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Post by DAve » Wed May 20, 2009 12:53 am

Hi there,

So far I have never considered making the database available in the way you mention.

To be honest that sort of thing is quite a ways down a very long list of work that needs to be done with the limited time I have to work on the infrastructure.

Basically it does not 'score well' on the reward versus effort curve :)

In fact I have a few ideas for facebook apps and am aiming to eventually have a Facebook interface as it were.

There may be a some way to merge efforts but right now I am crazy busy so it would have to be pushed off into the future somewhat.

Generally speaking people don't mind others borrowing news or quoting their site as long as a back link is provided. So no issue with that.

Good luck with your efforts, I am sure you will find it all very interesting. :)

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