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Good price on used discs at Gamestop.

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:19 am
by Hastor
Just wanted to let everyone know, that while Gamestop charges $17.99 for a used Blu-ray or HD-DVD, they are buy 2 get 2 free. If you have an EB edge card there's another 10% off that (affects all used purchases and trade-ins). They don't give squat for them if you trade them in, but I've beefed up my collection a lot lately. Of course it has mainly been HD-DVDs that people are trading in as if they'll never play again. When it ends up being less than $9, it is worth it on either format. I HAVE gotten some Blu-rays though and they've had this deal going for a long time. It is actually on all movies including DVDs, but they will charge you for the most expensive 2 out of the 4. Unless it is a season set or something priced over $15, your deal won't be as good if you get a $4 dvd. I've gotten Harry Potter 1-4, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Elizabeth, and a lot of other big titles at under $9. Since none of you are likely going to the same Gamestop (would also be at Babbages/EB Games as they are all becoming Gamestop if they havent changed their sign yet), I thought I would share this info with you. Especially HD-DVD owners, there have been a lot of trade-ins lately. My collection has more than doubled. Will depend on how big the high def community in your area is. I'm in a college town so there have been some but not tons of trade ins, I've just been there when they all came in and am friends with some employees that will let me know when stuff comes in. Before this deal, their movies have always been buy 2 get 1, so thats still decent if they go back to it and there's 3 movies you actually want. If you buy games or go to Gamestop a lot, the 10% off card is like $10, gives you 10% on trade-ins, 10% off used, and a subscription to Game Informer. Not a magazine I would pay for, information/previews are good, don't trust the reviews. But for "free" its good bathroom reading.