Some thoughts about this website

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Some thoughts about this website

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Hello, I've noticed a few things about this website (which I love by the way) which I'd like to point out.

First of all would there be anyway to add a log on box on the main home page or at least in the my collection / my wishlist pages, because while I don't mind coming to the forums once in a while. Sometimes all I want to do is update my lists without having to come into the forum page just to log in.

Secondly I noticed a few things missing from the Hardware chart. Note, forgive me if you are working on this, but... I want to point out that all current PS3s can decode DTS-HD MA not just DTS High Resolution Audio.

Speaking of the hardware charts you might want to add the new 80gb PS3 slim to the list and add to it that can do everything the regular PS3s can do plus it can bitstream the latest Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio codecs.

One last thing I notice is that on all the news pages (labeled by the news log graphic at the top of the pages) those pages don't have the multicolored bar that is seen on the homepage and all other pages. Perhaps this can be fixed.

Other than this I think this site is great. I love the statistics, the news, and the ability to share my collection with the world. If I can think of anything else I shall point it out, :D

P.S. I should clarify that I am not trying to bash this site just merely point some things out I noticed.

EDIT - I just noticed that the page containing the hardware chart doesn't have the multicolored bar mentioned above.
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